Automotive plastic injection molding

2K, 3K Injection Technology, Presses up to 2500-ton capacity

Automotive plastic injection molding

Automotive is a very complex plastic moulding sector, where only technologically advanced companies can supply high-quality components required by the most prestigious car manufacturers. Thanks to the know-how acquired through years of experience and its highly qualified staff, MPS is an ideal partner for companies in the Automotive sector, in which strict quality standards and an efficient company organization are required.

Be realistic!Demand the impossible from us.

VDA product audits are carried out regularly in different levels and samples are created according to PPAP and IMDS requirements, thanks to a team of operators that constantly stay up-to-date and care even for the most demanding requests of our customers. We are equipped with presses of the most important and recognized makes in the automotive world, such as Engel, equipped with rotary tables for the moulding of 2 or 3 components up to 800 tons. Special 2k moulding up to 2500 tons with integrated auxiliary injectors. Piece handling is carried out by Cartesian and anthropomorphic robots that allow post-moulding operations of extreme precision and repeatability.

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