2-component Injection Moulding System

12 Dec 2019  
2-component Injection Moulding System

New applications, new materials, new frontiers for the moulding of 2 or 3 components are being featured in MPS Plastic production chain. Let us take a closer look at this new technology, which covers the entire injection moulding sector.


The mould is designed with 2 or more cavities and the punch works by rotating 180° at each mould process. In cavity A (position 0°) the first material (core) is injected, in cavity B (position 180°) the second material (skin) is injected. This technology can be applied to small to medium sized pieces. It can be a major investment cost but this technology is an excellent solution for the large volumes to keep moulding costs down.


The mould never rotates! In this configuration 2 cavities and a manipulator are needed in order to move the plastic parts from one cavity into another. Firstly, the core is injected, the press opens and the manipulator picks up the workpiece. Now the press closes to inject the second material (skin). In this case the investment is lower but the cycle times are longer if compared to the previous option.


The mould can be designed with a single cavity. This technology is used for large moulds for which it is not possible to mount a rotary platen into the press. The moulding sequence is as follows: injection of the core → unlock of tonnage → creation of space inside the mould through the movement of hydraulic blades → lock of tonnage → injection of second material → opening of the machinery → ejection of the item. A high cycle time is a negative aspect of this technology.

By means of a large moulding machinery park, at MPS Plastic we are able to put these technologies into practice. We offer our customers a complete package: from designing the mould, to giving technical support in order to check advantages and disadvantages of each project. Book a moulding test with our presses, in order to check cycle times and performance of your moulds!