3-day Training about Technology

08 Nov 2018  
3-day Training about Technology

Town of San Polo di Piave (province of Treviso): our technologists have had a  3-day training course at the renowned HRS FLow factory, world leader for hot rooms production. Our team has used the Flexflow system on different materials for the creation of new components for the Automotive sector.

The servo-driven valve gates guarantee precision and stability during the entire moulding process. Each shutter can be managed independently, by perfecting position, speed, stroke and acceleration.

There are several advantages in this technology:

- Improvement of surface quality: for large surfaces in "class A", embossed, aesthetic elements

- High repeatability of the process

- Safe, clean and dry (no oil, no liquids)

- Easy maintenance and use

- Optimum flow balance

- Reduction of deformations on the component

- Reduction of the tonnage of the press (up to 20%)