Lean Production is our company vision

M.P.S. Srl aims to implement continuous business growth by investing in new technologies and professional training.
To facilitate the achievement of company objectives, the company is implementing methods and procedures shared by the various internal teams.

A specific goal:
continuous improvement

M.P.S. Srl is organized for a specific objective: to develop a company able to provide a service in continuous improvement, according to the needs of the injection moulding market. Thanks to its internal flexibility, technology and know-how acquired over the years allow M.P.S. Srl to offer customized solutions in different sectors, focusing on quality and innovation.

Certified Quality

In accordance with its corporate philosophy, Mps Srl is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Today, the company operates according to a management system that allows for the planning and execution of checks throughout the production, ensuring the quality standards required by customers as well as the traceability of products.

A story that says a lot

M.P.S. Srl was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of a mould construction company, with the aim of providing a mould testing service.

Since its foundation, the need to produce small series on behalf of third parties has arisen in a short time, up to the acquisition of complete ranges of products. The continuous push of the market has led to an expansion of the machine fleet and, at the same time, to an increase in the level of automation beside the press. The company has currently a total covered area of about 4,000 square meters, a large fleet of machines with 18 injection presses: from 120 tons to 2500 tons.

The company works in a continuous cycle 24/5 with a young and qualified staff, who aim to  improve and operate synergistically. All this allows us reaching the expected results, experiencing year after year a progressive growth, always in constant research into improvement and innovation to meet all customer needs.