Manufacturing of Plastic injection moulds

Start from your idea, we will do the rest

Manufacturing of Plastic injection moulds
Sometimes you just have an idea, a sketch, a dream... Mps is your ideal partner! Thanks to its highly experienced team we can support you in making your ideas come true and transform them into a product. We start from your idea and develop it with you, thus creating what was thought to be impossible.
We find specifictechnologies for our customers
From your idea and a feasibility study, also called co-design, we move on to engineering the product. We find the technologies and the most suitable solutions to your needs, in order to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing product and to obtain the best mould at the lowest cost. All this process is developed by means of FEM analysis software and structural calculations; subsequently, the rapid prototyping helps the client understand how the object will actually be and at the same time make corrections to complete to best complete the realization of the tool.
In the final phase, before starting the injection moulding process, our staff, together with the customer, proceed to the mould testing, in which in-depth analysis will allow perfecting the entire process before starting production on a large scale. With the moulding of plastic materials, we conclude the production cycle. We pack and store in our warehouses the finished products and finally delivery them to the final customer.
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