Plastic moulding: future scenarios of materials and innovation

03 Nov 2018  
Plastic moulding: future scenarios of materials and innovation

The plastics sector is traditionally characterized by a high rate of innovation, with strong investments in research and development and spill-over on new applications relevant to many industrial sectors.

Research in this sector focuses more on improving the properties of plastics to respond more and more to the modern needs of safety, low environmental impact, durability, practicality and lightness, the possibility of reuse; consequently there is a strong push in the innovation of modern machinery technologies that allow the realization of finished products.

In this sense, Mps is the protagonist of this evolution in injection moulding, being able to cover most of the needs of customers by providing a service of the highest quality and technologically advanced.

Some examples of sectors where MPS is particularly committed to innovation and constantly expanding:

Automotive: increasingly higher safety standards and better performance

Industrial and Design: monoblock chairs and high-quality furniture components

Construction and gardening: durability, lightness at low cost

Lighting: design components

Pharmaceutical: containers for automated warehouses

Household Appliance and Electronics: components in plastic replacing metal – Metal replacement

Heavy transport: wheel stop for vehicles with metal inserts