Excellence and professionalism make MPS a reliable company in the world of injection molding

20 Apr 2019  
Excellence and professionalism make MPS a reliable company in the world of injection molding
Article by "Sole 24 Ore", March 2019. (The Italian economic-financial newspaper).

MPS Plastic is a company located in Borso del Grappa, in the Italian province of Treviso. It aims to provide a continuously improved service so to meet the needs of the injection molding market. Thanks to its flexibility, technological processes and outstanding know-how, MPS offers customized solutions in different sectors, focusing on quality and innovation.

MPS Plastic offers its customers a 360° support: from the construction of the moulds to the mass production. This company is able to produce items of various sizes: from coffee capsules to the internal dashboard of the new AstonMartin. MPS Plastic  guarantees a complete service to the customer, providing a complete range of  development phases of the project. The first step is  the concept-design of the plastic item in order to get to the mass production. Essential passages of this process are co-engineering, FEM analysis, design and construction of the moulds, the tests and the necessary optimizations. MPS Plastic has been carrying out these processes with unchanged professionalism and precision since its fundation. This Italian company is also more and more known in the automotive sector, in which technologically advanced moulds constructed with technical materials are required.

As it is well known, the automotive industry is the most complex plastic moulding sector where only technologically advanced companies can supply the high quality components required by the most prestigious car manufacturers. Furthermore, MPS Plastic is active in the field of Industrial Design, which is undoubtedly the most fascinating sector of injection moulding. Creativity and technology are essential requirements in this sector so to create high quality items. In this context, MPS Plastic produces monobloc chairs, seats and furnishing components. Moreover, this company offers the customer a complete packaging and storage service with shipments throughout Italy and abroad. MPS Plastic gives a complete service: from production to mould testing as well as other essential services (such as those in screen printing, pad printing, assembly and  delivery).

The production plant of this company consists of a new machine park that boasts 18 presses from 120 to 2500 tons. The use of 4.0 presses with plasticizing units suitable for technical moulding, GID control units, control units for temperatures up to 120 ° and FLEXflow hot chambers ensure the excellence of the final result. MPS Plastic boasts technologically advanced instrumentation and takes care of the environment: its presses are implemented with electric motors and inverters that ensure energy savings and lower consumption. Thanks to a continuous production cycle, this company can manage 4 million kilograms of polymer every year, achieving a turnover of around 8 million euros. It is no coincidence that large multinationals have decided to rely on this company. This is why MPS Plastic is growing year after year: in addition to maintaining the tradition, professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction, this company has added an ever greater attention to technology and the environment. The best we can expect in the sector.