Tote05. The new generation plastic box for integrated logistics in the pharmaceutical sector

06 Apr 2021  
Tote05. The new generation plastic box for integrated logistics in the pharmaceutical sector
The organised pharmaceutical industry is based on highly engineered industrial models. Intelligent automation, integrated logistics and digitisation have long been an integral part of the industry's production and distribution processes.

The direct consequence of this model is a “specialised supply chain” characterised by vertical expertise and minimal operating margins.

Among the players in the sector, MPS Plastic plays a significant role in the production of plastic boxes. Every day more than 3 million MPS Plastic boxes are used in production and integrated logistics to transport medicines from smart warehouses to pharmacies across Europe.

Tote 05


In the workflow of the pharmaceutical industry, every single element and process is crucial for the proper functioning of the entire production chain. From the automated warehouse management software to the operator who delivers the box with the drugs, everything is programmed to work perfectly. In this complex system there is one transverse element that runs through all the stages: the Box.

Used to transport drug packages from the distribution company to the pharmacy, they play a strategic role in the whole process. There are various containers on the market, which differ mainly in their ability to operate in automated systems and in the many logics of intelligent logistics.

MPS Plastic manufactures several boxes, including some based on standard models and others based on customised specifications.
Of all the standard models, one of the most popular is the Tote05.

Thousands of Totes 05 are printed every month by MPS Plastic for new plants, to supply customers or to replace containers from other manufacturers already on the plants.

In the latter case, and to ensure perfect interchangeability between the various manufacturers, MPS Plastic has set up a specific service whose task is to analyse the design of the product (shape, size, functional design, colour, etc.), customise it and test its “in-line operation” with a pre-production run.

Tote 05-R


The "creative" margins in the production of boxes for the pharmaceutical sector are minimal. However in recent years even the most standard product is undergoing a major evolution with a clear ecological vision.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Environmental Responsibility are two complementary aspects that are increasingly felt by companies. In health-related sectors, these values are even more important and increasingly appreciated by their target audience. The Tote 05R was created to meet this new need.

After a long phase of research, development and testing in laboratory and on line, MPS Plastic has developed and put into production a completely replacement box for the standard Tote 05 by using recycled post-consumer waste Polypropylene instead of virgin.

  • dimensions and shape completely identical to its virgin plastic counterpart
  • dimensional tolerances within the same limits as for the virgin plastic product
  • odourless
  • wear resistance equal to the standard Tote 05
  • wide range of colours, which is constantly expanding compared to the past
During the customisation process, we will accompany our customer in order to make him part of the evolution and the respective knowledges about our potential tote 05-R.