Plastic moulding in Veneto

07 Nov 2018  
Plastic moulding in Veneto
Among the industrial districts present in Veneto, the rubber and plastics sector constitutes, despite a relatively young history, a solid reality, able to position itself in the ranking of the districts of excellence in Italy.
Almost 500 companies work in Veneto in rubber and plastics sector. Currently, the greatest density of entrepreneurial realities is recorded in the provinces of Treviso, particularly active in the plastic material recycling supply chain, Padua, specialized in the production of semi-finished and plastic raw materials, and Vicenza, which has specialized in the realization of semi-finished products from plastic or rubber. The productive realities of the plastic sector employ about 20 thousand workers and have specialized over time in the realization of a wide range of products.

The ability to know how to shape production processes according to the needs of the market, succeeding in modulating production as the supply chain changes, represents a feature that distinguishes the manufacturing sector in Veneto region. In this, MPS has distinguished itself compared to other local competitors by modernizing the injection moulding machines park with state-of-the-art and latest generation technologies. The use of 18 presses from 120 to 2500 tons satisfies the need for small and large production batches for the production of plastic materials intended for construction, gardening, lighting, spare parts for household appliances, containers for automated warehouses, the pharmaceutical industry and heavy transport.

MPS is now a key partner for injection moulding in Veneto thanks to its ability to adapt to the needs of the customer, offering a first level 360 ° service that starts from the prototype up to mass production.