From just a plastic chair to a design item

06 Nov 2018  
From just a plastic chair to a design item
In Italy the use of plastic in furniture has been a tradition since the '60s. World-renowned designers have made this material the absolute protagonist in Italian homes and, later on, in the world. Light, durable, malleable, resistant: the qualities of plastic have allowed giving free rein to creativity and at the same time solve the "mass" needs of modern life.
From the most common objects, usually made in traditional materials such as glass, wood and metal, to more complex furniture items, plastic has radically changed the face of homes, giving them a more cheerful, light and informal appearance. Plastic breaks into the everyday life and imagination of millions of people, in kitchens, living rooms, allowing people to access privileges once reserved for the few, simplifying life and daily actions, colouring homes, revolutionizing habits and helping  create the modern lifestyle; plastic chairs represent a turning point in the history of design furniture and the legend of Made in Italy.
MPS in recent years has specialized in the injection moulding of monoblock polycarbonate and polypropylene chairs with an all-Italian high-quality production, thanks to the use of presses up to 2500 tons and GID technology that give these design objects strength and lightness; MPS, however, is not “only” satisfied with producing quality chairs but also with providing the customer with a complete packaging and delivery service throughout Italy and worldwide.