2/3K Injection moulding and Automotive sector.

06 Nov 2018  
2/3K Injection moulding and Automotive sector.
"Multi-component" materials have become increasingly important in recent years in the automotive sector, in the medical-sanitary field and household products. Every day we use plastic objects made of 2 or 3 materials or two-colour and certainly the first impression is to use a quality product, practical and innovative...
In its production process, MPS uses the latest injection moulding techniques, including "multi-component injection moulding", the process by which two or more different materials are moulded into one plastic part at one time.  Thanks to the 2k and 3k moulding it is possible to combine opposite properties in the same part: hard and soft, transparent and coloured, rigid and flexible.
The combination of different materials leads to many significant benefits such as improving product properties, producing fewer parts, shorter delivery times than moulding separate components and increased productivity while maintaining reliability in the production process.